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Forklift Training Licence Course 


Trained today (day 1)
Assessed tomorrow
(day 2)
…  and back to work as a licensed operator


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TLILIC0003 Licence to operate a forklift truck

Our Forklift Training Course is suitable for beginners as well as operators at all levels of experience 

We will email Pre-study materials for you to prepare at home in advance in readiness for your face-to-face training and written assessment

  • Day 1 is face-to-face including ‘on forklift’ operations as well as a review of study materials (depending on competency, extra training may be required before Assessment)
  • The assessment is held on Day 2 and is facilitated by an authorised WHSQ assessor.
  • This will include a Theory, Calculations and Performance assessment

When you pass your assessment, you will receive an email from WHSQ which is your 60 day interim license.
By following the instructions in this WHSQ email you can apply for your 5 year plastic card license.  The cost is approximately $100 every 5 years.

Our training centres are located at:

  • Strathpine on the north side of Brisbane
  • Kingston on the south side of Brisbane


For individuals making the booking, the cost is $100 registration and we will email study materials for you to prepare at home in advance.
The final $290 for training and assessment is payable when you arrive.

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